iPhone Case With Card Holder

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Introducing the perfect iPhone case for the modern and practical user - our advanced phone case with a detachable cardholder. Here are the top features that set our phone case apart from the rest:

  • Smooth and fingerprint-free material: The surface of our phone case has a smooth and sleek finish, making it easy to keep clean and free from fingerprints and smudges. Unlike many other phone cases that get dirty and grimy quickly, our case maintains its clean and polished look for longer.

  • Detachable card holder with 3 to 4 card slots: One of the standout features of our phone case is the detachable card holder located on the back. This convenient feature allows you to keep your most important cards with you at all times, without having to carry a bulky wallet around. The card holder has 3 to 4 slots, giving you ample space to store your credit cards, ID, and other essentials.

  • Compatible with Magsafe wireless charger: Our phone case is compatible with the Magsafe wireless charger, which means you can charge your phone quickly and easily without having to remove the case. This feature is especially convenient for busy users who are always on the go and need to keep their phone charged and ready for action.

  • Connects to other magnetic products: The magnet on the back of our phone case is not just useful for holding the card holder - it can also connect to other magnetic products. For example, you can attach your phone to your car's dashboard mount, or to a magnetic phone stand on your desk. This gives you even more flexibility and convenience when using your phone.

  • Card holder can be used to stand the phone at different angles: The card holder on our phone case has one more trick up its sleeve - it can be used to prop up your phone at different angles. Simply fold the card holder down and adjust it to your preferred angle, and voila - you have a hands-free way to watch videos, make video calls, or browse the internet.

iPhone Case With Card Holder

iPhone Case With Card Holder